Details About The HydroMiner Token Sale

Details About The HydroMiner Token Sale

Project Name: HydroMiner
Project: ICO
Token: H2O
Short Description: The future of cloud mining.
Project Summary:

HydroMiner is a revolutionary project that empowers small investors
to join and invest in cryptocurrency mining by utilizing green-energy!
The HydroMiner project and ICO is more than an idea - the managing
team have already rented a hydro power stations. This initial coin
offering is about scaling the mining operation by acquiring more
hydro-power-plants and thus enabling eco-friendly mining and profits
for investors.

Project Concept

Hydropower is generally thought to be one of the most effective and lowest-cost renewable energy resources.By renting out hydro power stations in the Alps and buying GPUs en masse, HydroMiner is able to offer very competitive returns.The scheme is simple, investors can buy over the ICO sale H2O tokens, which then can be used to rent out miners. Those miners will then be set to mine the most profitable coins, which will yield profits for the H2O-investors.Round-Graphic

Hydrominer vsCompetitors

Many competitors in the Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining business can be seen on the following return-on-investment Bitcoin cloud mining table.As one can see, most promise a good and fast return on investment, but end up reducing the daily returns. Why are they reducing those earnings? Well, it is the fact that conventional cloud mining platforms offer hashing power (HASHes) and not Watts. And since the efficiency of mining gear gets higher and on the same time more people mine - the difficulty to mine a cryptocurrency raises. This raise in difficulty is equivalent to a lower profit per initial hash.By using the Watt system every owner will receive the same dividend, independent when they’ve acquired the H2O token.


1. Presale
Start: Monday, September 25, 2022 at 10:00 UTC

How Long: 1 week.
Minimum participation: $10.000
Discount for the Pre-Sale: 25%
Token Cap: 500.000 H2O Tokens (1.500 ETH)

2. Our Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Start: Tuesday, October 3, 2021 at 10:00 UTC

How Long: 5 weeks
Minimum participation: 1 Token
Discount for the Pre-Sale: From 20% to 0%
- Week one: 20%
- Week two: 15%
- Week three: 10%
- Week four: 5%
- Week five: 0%
Token Cap: 25.500.000 H2O


Token Exchange Rate: 1 H2O = 0.01 ETH

Unsold Token: Continuous Sale After ICO

Accepted Currencies: ETH

Token Usage: Each coin represents 1 watt of mining power and grants the
rights to the net proceeds of one watt of mining revenue.

General Information



Location: Vienna, Austria
Smart Contract Address: Announced 48 Hours Before ICO




Full Team:
+ Advisors

Core Team Members:

Nadine Damblon: CEO

Nadine co-founded HydroMiner in 2015 with her sister, Nicole. Her main responsibilities at HydroMiner are business development, strategic planning, and networking.  Nadine started crypto mining back in 2014 and holds  a degree in media studies.


Nicole Damblon: CFO

Nicole Damblon started crypto mining with her sister Nadine in Düsseldorf back in 2014 and helped expand their venture from the beginnings in their apartment to two hydro power stations. In 2016, she moved to Vienna to work as HydroMiner’s CFO.


Christian Vogl: CTO

Christian Vogl is an expert in hardware supply, network infrastructure, server migrations and energy supply. He started his own profitable mining business back in 2012. In 2016, he joined HydroMiner as CTO and is responsible for the technology and cryptographic strategy.


Philip Dimitrov: CMO

Philip joined the Blockchain world in 2015. Since then he has helped many marketing campaigns succeed and has published tons of news and videos about the happenings in the cryptocurrency world. For Hydrominer, he leads marketing and content creation.


Kevin Benckendorf: PR
Being intrigued by the magic of the Blockchain since early 2016. Kevin is a PR Specialist who thrives on managing excellent relationships with clients and employees. Research on the socioeconomic impact is where he performs best. With his humility, conflict management, and social media skills, Kevin will help in connecting the dots between technology and the growing community.


Alex Dimitrov: Developer
Alex has been around in the cryptosphere for the past 3 years. He is the co-founder and main developer of Currently, he is finishing his bachelor’s degree in informatics at the University of Vienna. He will be developing the upcoming HydroMiner platform and helping with the design of the Smart Contract.


Sebastian Karner: Lead Engineer

Sebastian is responsible for HydroMiner’s cooling technology and mining hardware. With three years’ experience in designing mining infrastructure for HydroMiner’s facilities, Sebastian is also an expert in managing many aspects of the mining process such as management software, pools, and improving mining hardware at the core.

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