Happy H2O’ween!

Happy H2O’ween!

It’s Halloween and it’s all treats for HydroMiners…

Only on 31st of October (local time of Vienna, Austria), if you contribute at least 11 Ether to our ongoing token sale, you will get an extra 5% bonus. That’s 20% bonus in total!

To claim the bonus,

  1. join the token sale at https://www.hydrominer.org/token-sale/ and contribute over 11 ETH;
  2. find the transaction ID (also known as txhash or tx ID) in your wallet and send it to [email protected].

HydroMiner will then credit you an additional 5% bonus tokens within 48 hours.

We already raised an scary awesome 6,500 Eth and are super stoked to begin the second half of our token sale… Thanks for all your support!