HydroMiner in the Press

HydroMiner in the Press

Experiencing HydroMiner

Following the pre-sale of the H2O tokens that ended in 36 minutes on September 25, at  HydroMiner we were lately very busy adjusting the token model and getting ready for the main token sale. The H2O token sale will presumably take place on October 18. We had to postpone the originally-scheduled date for it from October 3 due to the necessity of these adjustments, but we’ll present all the new details to you in the shortest time possible. What’s more, we are working hard on upgrading the white paper at the moment, and can’t wait to share it once ready.


We haven’t yet taken due time to thank all of you for following up on the HydroMiner whereabouts and for your interest in the project. We hope that you were lucky and fast enough to get some H2O during the pre-sale. If not, please remain calm, as we are now working hard on fine-tuning the HydroMiner concept to design the tokens that will amaze you with the revenue-share opportunities.

Latest Video Review of our Facilities

With so many ICOs scams on the market, we understand the community’s concern with the honesty of the team members raising huge sums through token sales. Right from the start, we have stated it clearly that we have no intention to hide the locations of our mining facilities, and literally anyone is most welcome to visit and meet us in person. All you have to do it contact us via email or the available social media channels. We’ll reply shortly and schedule a day when you can visit. Just like Andreas, CEO of Coin Advisors and BTC Business Consult, did a few days ago. He has a video blog on YouTube where he examines and discusses ICOs and various crypto startups. He made an amazingly-informative video about HydroMiner as well.

Worthwhile Mentions

The past weeks have been a blast. Since we announced our project on the 6th of September, many journalists approached us for interviews. Not only people from the crypto industry were interested in the project, but also many focusing on Startups and innovation. The most influential and known Bitcoin News platforms we got the chance to get published are: Irishtechnews.ie, HappyCoin.club, Cointelegraph, Newsbtc.

We apparently also sparked the interest of so many communities, that people started translating our posts and interviews in different languages, i.e.: Brazilian, Dutch, Korean, Arabic; to name just a few.

We will be posting the new ICO details on hydrominer.org soon. If you want to receive email updates related to the H2O token sale, please subscribe here. Reach out to us via Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or the following contact form.