HydroMiner Smart Contract Details & Audit

HydroMiner Smart Contract Details & Audit

Here is a little technical note about our Smart Contracts, for those of you who are interested. We actually have three Smart Contracts, namely

  • Token
  • Pre-Sale
  • Crowd-Sale

The Token Smart Contract contains the basic minting and transfer features, while the two sales contracts contain the logic for the distribution of H2O tokens.

The complete source code is on Github.

If you ever need to add H2O tokens manually to a wallet, here are the technical details you need:

  • Address: 0x7bE6327D21414a9Da0CCB92925479530AFf89E6a
  • Decimals: 18
  • Token Symbol: H2O

All contracts underwent a security audit performed by the capable gentlemen at ChainSecurity. You can see the complete report here.

If you discover any other issues, we value responsible disclosure and reward disclosures of critical issues. Please get in touch with us to discuss.