What Does HydroMiner Mine?

What Does HydroMiner Mine?

Hello, my name is Christian, I’m the CTO of HydroMiner. Today I will be writing a little bit more about technical details of our operation.

I’m on a mission to get the best and most stable hash results.

I’ve been helping Nadine and Nicole since we rented the hydro powered stations in Murau and Schönberg. My main tasks are currently to help with rig assembling and pushing the limits of the hardware.

Pedal to the Metal

So, how does one exactly boost the hashing per rig? Well, there are four main components that you can re-configure:

  1. The GPU – by changing the clock-rate - draw down to safe energy & temperature.
  2. Memory clock rate – boost to get better Hash results
  3. The GPU BIOS - by setting up the timings (strips).
  4. PSU -  amount of power fed to the system.

The trick is in re-configuring both hardware and software to achieve the most hashing per card while keeping the rig stable. We are currently achieving around 24 MH/s for the P106 GPU in dual-mining. It would be possible to boost it by a further 5%, but it is important that the mining rigs are running without disruptions.

What We Mine

The answer to this question would be simply said the most profitable cryptocurrency. But what does this exactly mean? Well, maybe you already know this tool called https://whattomine.com/ – it shows you which crypto to mine for the maximum earnings, depending on the setup you are running.

But why does this value keep on changing? The price and difficulty rates are fluctuating the whole time. The higher the difficulty rate is, the more hashing power one needs to keep on mining the same amount of crypto. You can imagine that we need to adapt as fast as possible, because price movements of 20% in one day are nothing uncommon.

Keep in mind, that the achieved MH/s depend on the hashing algorithm used by the specific blockchain. So, switching from one coin to another may result in a different MH/s for the same setup.

And what about the configurations we talked about, well those are also configured based on the hashing algorithm.

Mining Strategy

But that is not all. There are two main strategies in deciding what to mine. The one I already covered works by calculating mining profitability. But one could also decide to mine coins that are undervalued – or to put it differently, coins that you think will raise on value. So this second strategy doesn’t focus on coins yielding the highest profit at the moment, but for the future.

As you can see, indeed it is not easy to determine what to mine. But if you really want to have at least some kind of answer, then here it goes: We have already configured the rigs for Ethereum (already beating the returns of all Ethereum cloud mining services) and Siacoin mining. It will be my duty to keep on working to improve this list and get more cryptocurrencies in our portfolio – depending on both strategies.

And maybe one day we can make a DAO, so the community can choose what should be mined for a specific period of time.