What is HydroMiner?

What is HydroMiner?

My name is Nadine Damblon, and I’m the CEO of the HydroMiner operation. Via this post, I want to welcome you to our website and showcase you a little bit more about our mining venture.

I built the first mining rig together with my sister - Nicole - in 2014. Thanks to the increasing prices of nearly all cryptocurrencies, pretty much all mining operations have been very successful. In 2016, we  founded the HydroMiner project, but made it only available to our family and closest of friends. With the money, we set up our rigs in data centers.

Those data centers offered great returns, especially in those bull markets. We started to think about renting more and more data centers until a friend suggested to rent out hydro power stations. We researched a little bit and found out that indeed hydro power stations offer a perfect possibility to push our mining operation. And besides increasing our profits per mining rig, it also gave us the possibility to make our project eco-friendly! Yey!

The HydroMiner ICO

Right since we decided to scale up our operations by renting our first hydroelectric power station, teamwork has been an integral part of our modus operandi. We as a company believe it’s easier to achieve success when we have our employees operating as a team and NOT as individuals.

That partly explains why we do NOT shy off from showing off those behind the curtain.

We are also passionate about helping individuals, shipwrecked investors, and those in or nearing their retirement transition to financial independence. In extension, this ICO (learn: what is an ICO) is also about extending a hand of appreciation towards the environment, which is by far and large the reason our operations are even possible. To keep it short, an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”), or so called token sale, is an event in which people can buy shares of a company or project.
In our case, we want to enable you to join and participate in our operation in terms of profit-sharing (“cloud mining”).

Our Place in the Crypto Space

The crypto space has in the past been characterized by a lot uncertainties and cautiousness. This pushed many people to lose whatever little faith they had in cryptocurrency. Worse were the discussions that poked holes in the longevity of the currency for trailing in the energy sector.

To tackle the challenge, our company decided to step in and instead use green energy to generate the power we needed to get into the mining business. Here is a small graphic we’ve made to what exactly is needed to be done in such a mining operation:


Our Plan

Our project is extremely flexible; which is to say, there’s NO limit as to how big it can actually grow. At the time of writing this, we have two power stations that are already operational, with an option to add five more stations depending on the funds we get.

Our plan is to use the proceeds we get from this ICO to either expand the facilities we already have or add more hydro power stations.

The magnitude of the operation we’ll be embarking on after this ICO is contingent on the amount of funding we’ll receive. Worth noting is that we’ve already been granted full permission from those in charge of the hydropower station to extend our capacity and carry out our operations as per the latitude of our detailed project model.

Why Token Sales?

Our company decided to settle for token sale on this ICO because it came off as the most appropriate way to open up to an average investor and the community at large. The point wasn’t to limit the ICO to rich individuals or groups that are already in control of the flow of money in other sectors. But to open the playing field to almost any individual who wishes to invest in crypto mining by banking on lower power costs.


If you are interested into finding more info about the upcoming token sale, go to this page: https://www.hydrominer.org/details-hydrominer-initial-coin-offering-ico/