Get Ready for the Token Sale: Whitelist Your Address

Get Ready for the Token Sale: Whitelist Your Address

Whitelisting is now open! All you need is your email address and your Ethereum wallet address.

Please go to our Token Sale page to start the process.

You need to be whitelisted if you want to participate in the ICO, as it required for legal reasons. Non-whitelisted contributors will not be able to participate.

You can whitelist your ether wallet address as of now. DO NOT send funds before October 18th, 10.00 UTC.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • We are required to whitelist for legal reasons.
  • If you find any issues or if have any problems, please contact us.

How to check if you are whitelisted:

  1. Open the smart contract on Etherscan. Make sure you are on the “Read smart contract” tab.
  2. Enter the Ethereum wallet address you want to verify in 12. > registered.
  3. Hit query.
  4. f you get “true”, you are whitelisted.

Open everywhere

Since our token is not a security, we are not excluding any country from the Token Sale. Of course, you still have to do your own due diligence if you can legally participate in the Token Sale in your country, and we are not giving any legal or investment advise.