H3O Price Earning Caclulator

The H3O profit calculator is here to help to estimate the value of your H3O investment. The funds raised in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) are used to build more mining facilities.

The proceeds of the mining are reused for the company and reinvested in more mining facilities respectively in the improvement of the facilities. Based on current results the expected EBIT (Earnings before Interests and Taxes) is 24%.

HydroMiner plans a listing on a stock exchange, currently planned on the AIM, the Alternative Investment Market, which is a part of the London Stock Exchange. On stock exchanges stocks are evaluated on a multiple of earning. Amazon has a multiple of 64, Nvidia 33, Siemens 12.

The average multiple on the AIM is 18.7, so that in order to estimate the future H3O value, one must multiply the expected earnings/EBIT by 18.7 to find out the average stock price. If you have different expectations and want to calculate using your own assumptions you can change the calculator accordingly.

Restrictions For Investors

We believe that Cryptocurrencies should be as open and inclusive as possible. That’s why the H3O-Token will be one of the first Tokens relying on a full capital market prospectus in accordance with Austrian capital markets law, making it as transparent safe and open as almost no other Token.

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H3O Presale register now

A subscription is permissible with a minimum of 2 000 000 pieces which equals to a minimum nominal amount of USD 200 000 per person. At an issue price of 70 % this corresponds to a minimum payment amount of USD 140 000. The offer of the Participation Rights thus takes place under recourse to § 2 Abs 1 Z 9 Austrian Capital Markets Law without publication of a capital market prospectus.

Before deciding about any investment, please read the

  • Subscription document, including all risks carefully: LINK
  • H3O Pre-Sale White Paper: LINK