Whats behind and whats ahead.

Thanks to a successful ICO, where Hydrominer raised 8676 Ether, we built fully equipped mining operations and a mining portal for our customers.
What’s next? Hydrominer will launch the H3O token in Q2/2018. H3O will be a compliant security token, which will grant similar rights to the ones shareholders have. H3O makes it possible to benefit from Hydrominer’s value growth.

  • Q4/2016

    Founding of Hydrominer

    HydroMiner was founded by a Nadine and Nicole Damblon, who came together with a group of miners in Vienna in, who formed a GesbR. They had the idea to move their mining equipment directly to the source of energy, into the hydro power stations, where they avoided the grid costs and were able to solely use renewable energy.
    In Q2/2017, HydroMiner Limited Company was founded and registered in Vienna.

  • Q2/2017

    First Mining Farm in Schönberg

    Hydrominer rents the first hydro power station in Schönberg with an output of up to 290 kWh, around 120 mining units are deployed there,, each rig containing 6-10 GPU cards.

  • Q4/2017

    Successfull ICO

    Hydrominer raised 8676 Ether during the ICO, participants were able to buy H2O Tokens, which are vouchers for mining time on the mining facilities of Hydrominer that were build with the raised funds.

  • Q4/ 2017

    Second Miningfarm near Waidhofen an der Ybbs

    Building of the second facility with 250 Antminers S9 and a container with 1152 GPU cards, constant energy supply of 600 kW.

  • Q1/2018

    Mining portal

    Hydrominer offers since February 2018 in their mining portal the redeeming of H2O Tokens for mining contracts that last 2 years. Mining contracts can also be purchased with fiat money, BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. Customers can choose if they want to mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ether Classic or Zcash. Other currencies will follow.

  • Q1/2018

    Joint Venture

    In an upcoming Joint Venture with a group of renowned investors in Austria, Hydrominer plans to equip its 3rd hydro power station, again near Waidhofen.

  • Q1/2018

    Presale H3O Token

    Tickets over 150.000 $ will be sold during the Presale that starts end of February 2018. Investors will own a participatory right that will let the owner participate in the growth and value of HydroMiner. When the second ICO starts, probably in Q2, the participatory right will be converted into a tokenized security.

    The H3O Token will be a compliant security token with a capital market prospectus according to the European financial law.

  • Q2/2018

    Main Sale H3O Token

    Main Sale of the compliant security token H3O, H2O Token Holders can change their H2O Tokens into H3O Tokens after the capital market prospectus for the H3O Token is approved by the financial authorities (Q2).
    More information will be released as soon as this has happened.

  • Q3/2018

    Building of new Mining Farm

    In Q3 HydroMiner will build new mining facilities, currently HydroMiner looks at hydro power stations in Georgia and Canada. With the funds from the second ICO these power stations will then be equipped with the mining hardware.
    Depending on the amounts raised the hydro power stations can be aquired by HydroMiner.
    The constant output of the hydro power stations the team currently looks at in these countries ranges from 2 MW to 25 MW.

  • Q4/2018


    In Q4 the team will prepare the IPO of HydroMiner, probably at the AIM (Alternative Investment Market), a segment of the London Stock Exchange. The team is already in contact with lawyers and advisors to get everything done in time for a listing end of 2018 or start of 2019.
    Through this step HydroMiner is able to offer more traditional investors an entry point into the crypto mining business.