H2O is currently trading on coss.io and etherdelta, soon on Nebula.exchange

First HydroMiner ICO

During the first ICO HydroMiner raised 8676 ETH by giving out the H2O Token. H2O is a voucher for mining time in the facilities of HydroMiner. One H2O will grant a minimum of 5 kWh of energy, but the team can decide if they allocate more kWh due to the hardware and market situation. Since February 2018 the mining portal is open where H2O Tokens can be redeemed towards mining time.
HydroMiner offers GPU and ASIC Mining not only for H2O Token holders but also against EUR / USD and cryptocurrencies at the shop.
Currently, customers can decide if they want to mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ether Classic or Zcash. More currencies will follow.
All H2O Tokens that weren’t sold were burned before the mining portal opened.

Current Mining locations

Currently HydroMiner rents two hydro power stations in Lower Austria and has several options for adding more hydro power stations to its infrastructure. With the funds from the ICO HydroMiner built a mining farm near Waidhofen an der Ybbs and deployed Asic and GPU Mining units, renting base energy of 500 kwH. In Schönberg an der Kamp HydroMiner rents the whole hydro power station with an output up to 250 kWh.

Mining profit calculator

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H2O Token Offer Document