Listening to Our Community

Listening to Our Community

Over the past few days, we have received tons of feedback from our community. Many of you have supported us from the beginning and continue to stand behind our idea of green mining. Thanks so much for your help!

Today, we are announcing a model that rewards our ICO contributors for their loyalty. Even after the ICO, every ICO participant will be able to purchase H20 tokens once their mining time ends with the same bonus that they got during ICO, up to the amount of their initial contribution.

For example, John contributes 50 ETH during the first week of ICO (20% bonus) and exchanges his tokens in February 2018 for mining time. Once the mining time ends, John will be able to purchase H2O tokens for up to 50 ETH and get the same bonus (20%). This process can be repeated as long as HydroMiner is operating.

Another request that we got is that some contributors don’t want to deal with the minutiae of choosing the coins to mine. Therefore, we are introducing an additional mining package that algorithmically determines most profitable mix of coins. Those who want can still choose to mine only BTC or ETH though!

You can find all details in our updated Whitepaper and you can check out our updated profitability calculator. If you have any questions, join our awesome community on Telegram, or just drop us an email.

Looking forward to see your on the 18th in our token sale!